100,000 years ago, the SIRIANS began its journey,changing life on Earth, forever. King Osiris order his elite Emperor Guards under Chief Commander Cardin's command to take on the mission only referred to as ALPHA XL- 420. Cardin and his crew must begin mining the rare drug known as, Red Crystal and immediate ship it back to Sirus 5 before their people die of a deadly virus. 

Who Are The Sirians ?

 This is what we know about the Sirians. They come from the Sirius Cluster in the Alpha Canis Majoris Constellation. 

King Osiris ordered an elite team to begin the colonization of Earth immediately. Their mission is clear. Control and destroy any hostile threat in order to begin mining and immediate ship the drug, RED C MISSION code name: RED GLASS.


Historical records of the Sirians are has such:

  • Average height and weight of any humanoid approximately ranging from five to six feet tall.
  • Weight is relative to their individual size, but recorded the females at around 110 lbs and the males up to 240 lbs.
  • Breathe oxygen just like homo-sapiens making Earth a suitable place to inhabit.
  • Without a doubt an intelligent alien species at least 150,000 years before homo-sapiens.
  • They were ruled by King Osiris - the 10th dynasty in the old kingdom of THE GODS OF SIRIUS. He was considered the holy descendant and rebirth of THE GODS OF SIRIUS.
  • Highly advanced military ruled dynasty 
  • Scriptures resembled the early dynasty of the Egyptians on Earth but are still ALIEN SCRIPTURES. 
  • Sirians considered their artist to be more valuable than doctors of that time.
  • They highly valued their children and consider them as rebirths of THE GODS OF SIRIUS until up to the age of 10 years old. It was then said THE GODS OF SIRIUS transformed themselves back into the realm of the heavens.
  •  Any child killed by any form would mean certain death to the person involved, including shame to their line of family. 
  • The Sirians were highly advanced in STEM education, known as: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • Their enemies are The JOTUNN, a savage reptilian species, who are in constant conflict for countless centuries. After the last great war, WAR OF THE RED STORM on Planet Ribas the Jotunn's were said to have run like cowards.
  • Sirians were explorers closely related to the wealth of gold and resource riches in the cosmos.
  • A very religious cult with special appointed HIGHEST PRIESTESSES who were the only ones responsible to perform rituals to THE GODS SIRIUS
  • Most of the HIGH PRIESTESSES were woman. Men were expected to join the military.
  • The Sirians highly valued the death of any animal. Each creature was subject to a formal religious ritual by the HIGH PRIESTS
  • HIGH PRIESTESSES  of the Sirian culture were considered the only sacred passage to THE GODS OF SIRIUS.

the sirians