James Montana Scripts, Canadian freelance screenwriting operations. I am interested in writing screenplays and short stories from science-fiction to everyday subjects. I have a diverse background of college education with diplomas in the Arts and an Architectural Drafting background.

James Montana Scripts is a name of my choosing and NOT a company by any means.  

James Montana Scripts is willing to sell  SPEC SCRIPTS and SHORT-STORIES to directors, production companies and agents across North America and UK., if interested.

However, I’m not a professional screenwriter ; more like an enthusiast.  I love writing and creating art pieces, from digital to canvas, depending on my mood. 

Extremely  interested in the Space Program, from NASA and SPACEX - it’s my belief mankind’s goal was to reach the stars from the beginning of our existence. 

Here are some of the Projects I’m currently working on :

Screenplays Available for Purchase : 


provide a broad range of in house creative Screenplays.

 motto : “ We Envision a story and bring it to life.” 

My writing creativity lies in film and the entertainment industry. All of my screenplays are Spec scripts for feature film or television scripts.  

I concentrate on creative SCREENPLAYS ready for DEVELOPMENT.  Would love to extend my services to PRE-PRODUCTION to PRODUCTION of a screenplay, if I may.  It would be a thrill to be part of the filming process, but it’s not an requirement.  I understand the professionalism in filming, so I wouldn’t want to stand in your way. However, it would indeed be a cool experience. 

​My home is originally from the OKANAGAN VALLEY of British Columbia, Canada.  It’s the prefect setting for any type of filming. 


Please enquire about my screenplays if you’re interested in any of them. All my short stories can easily be written into the screenplay format too. 

Thank you,

​Bari Demers

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