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James Montana Scripts, Canadian screenwriter and writer operations of manuscripts, writing screenplays, publishing book, short stories from science-fiction to everyday subjects. I have a diverse background of college education with diplomas in the Arts and an Architectural Drafting background.

You now can purchase my science-fiction published book BLACK ANGELS  - CLICK HERE /as of September 2022

James Montana Scripts sells  SPEC SCRIPTS and SHORT-STORIES to directors, production companies and agents across North America and UK.

Here are some of the Projects I’m currently working on :

Screenplays and Books Available for Purchase : 


Provide a broad range of in-house creative screenplays.

 motto : “ We Envision a story and bring it to life.” 

All screenplays and books available for are Spec scripts for feature film scripts.  

James Montana Scripts concentrates on creative SCREENPLAYS and MANUSCRIPTS ready for DEVELOPMENT.  

​Located in Kelowna, British Columbia.  It’s the prefect setting for any type of scene any time of the year. 


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