James Montana Scripts, Canadian freelance screenwriting operations. WE are a small group ; each screenwriter has a diverse background of college education with diplomas in the Arts as some have an Architectural Drafting background. James Montana Scripts sell  SPEC SCRIPTS and SHORT-STORIES to directors, production companies and agents across North America and UK.

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Screenplays Available for Purchase : 


We provide a broad range of in house creative Screenplays.

 Our motto : “ We Envision a story and bring it to life.” 

We provide creative expertise to the advertising, film and entertainment industries. Our screenplays are Spec scripts for feature film or television scripts.

Our Team concentrates on creative SCREENPLAYS ready for DEVELOPMENT.  We will extend our services to PRE-PRODUCTION to PRODUCTION, in regards to script changes.  

We would like to be part of the filming process, but it’s not an requirement. 

​WE also offer SHOOTING LOCATIONS in the OKANAGAN AREA of British Columbia, Canada. 


Pricing : 

Our SCREENPLAYS are neat pre-packed SPEC SCRIPTS ready for purchase. Each script is ready with on-line descriptions within our website. It's similar to a MINI-TREATMENT.  Due to spec scripts, we offer affordable pricing for purchase by a producer, production company, or studio, big or small. 

Please enquire about our pricing HERE on BLACK ANGELS and SOUL SAVIOR. 

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