Drug addict war hero seeks revenge for brother's death, risking his crew in a mining expedition on planet ALPHA XL-420 for the priceless Red Crystal, essential to saving their species from a deadly virus.

​Ordered by the King, a team of the Royal Emperor Guards are sent to a new found planet ALPHA XL-420 (Earth) in search of the most possessed drug, RED CRYSTAL, in order to save their species from a deadly virus.

Led by War Hero Commander Cardin and eight military specialist & two androids, they are committed to find and ship the drug home as fast as possible.

Reports of their rivals, the JOTUNNS are spotted in the same Quadrant, adding a deadly obstacle in their path.  However, Cardin is looking for revenge for his brother's death during the War "Red Storm".

Time is running out for the SIRIANS on Sirus 5, but unknown to the crew, Commander Cardin has a problem of his own.

Adding to the tension, an unknown creature lurks the planet, only known in folklore as BLACK ANGELS.  Priestesses ISIS, THE GODS OF SIRIUS, must protect her people from this evading creature.  

Raising the stakes, Medical Geneticist, Dr. Smith, has another vital mission to be completed before they leave.  


Long long time ago, before mankind had a foothold on earth, an intelligent alien life form came to our planet, what they called ALPHA XL - 420, desperate to mining RED CRYSTAL before their species die from a deadly virus.

  • Protagonist (Military War Hero/ Addict)  COMMANDER CARDIN
  • Leading Support Character (Cardin's Lover/Geologist)  KAREN JEFFERSON
  • Support Character (High Priestesses) ISIS
  • Supporting Character ( Medical Geneticist)  DR. MARKUS SMITH
  • Support Character (The Royal Emperor Body Guard) RED


Their mission is clear. Control and destroy any hostile threat in order to begin mining of the drug, RED CRYSTAL and ship it immediately back to SIRUS 5.  

Background Theory : 

Long long time ago, before mankind had a foothold on earth, an intelligent  Alien life form  came to our planet, what they called, ALPHA XL-420, desperate to start mining RED CRYSTAL, before their species die from a deadly virus.

There mission was clear. 

Begin mining the drug and ship it back immediately, after tests are successfully conducted on unknown habitats only referred to as APE-MAN. 

Today we know ALPHA XL-420 to be early Earth.

BLACK ANGELS introduces the possibility of INTELLIGENT ALIEN LIFE FORMS who have colonized on Earth, based on discovered artifacts, archaeological ruins and possible hidden command centers throughout Earth today. 

Alien Conspiracy Theorist speculate that our world government authorities are well aware of our historical past.  Even hiding on-going communication with extraterrestrials today despite public claims to the contrary.

It's further claimed the governments are allowing alien abduction, in trade of high tech information.

However, the SCREENPLAY: BLACK ANGELS is a science-fiction horror genre centered on the SIRIUS PEOPLE who came to earth from the Canis Major constellation, known as the "Dog Star".

They are responsible for genetically altering APE-MAN, and in effect, speeding up evolution into who we are today.

It's been speculated mankind is a hybrid from past generations of the SIRIUS PEOPLE. 
During their time on earth, after a combination of struggling for survival on a strange planet, along with humanoid weakness and deceit, mankind was left to defined for themselves.

It is still unclear why the SIRIUS PEOPLE left in such haste, but speculated it had something to do with the Norwegian folklore of the elusive creature, only known as BLACK ANGELS. They are closely related to the Draugar.